Pictures from the planned Lower Cove Run Dam Site #16

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Here you can view the planned Lower Cove Run dam site currently being pursued by the Hardy County Commission (HCC) and the Potomac Valley Soil Conservation District (PVSCD).  Note the pristine beauty of the the tiny valley and that both the HCC and the PVSCD refuse to acknowledge public outcry against this planned dam.  Both agencies are ignoring the people who elected them when it comes to the Lower Cove Run and Cullers Run dam sites.

A picture of the Lower Cove Run at peak summer water flow. Wildflowers growing inside the proposed basin of water for dam site #16. Another picture of the Lower Cove Run which would be dammed up for recreation purposes.
A barn that would be demolished by the proposed dam site #16 wall & road. A field and forest inside the proposed area of the lake that would be submerged forever. Facing south looking out over the entire Lost River Valley from the Lower Cove Road.
Watching a sunset on a quiet and peaceful evening from the proposed dam site #16. A barn that lays in the potential path of a massive earthen wall for the proposed Lower Cove Dam. Another view of the valley that would be decimated and lost forever from proposed construction.
Facing west with the Lower Cove Run on the left behind the trees. Looking out over the Lower Cove Run valley with the George Washington National Forest in the background. Secluded fields & tree's inside of the proposed area of the Lower Cove Dam.
The proposed location of the dam wall where an intersection road will be built to connect both sides of the valley. A wider view of the proposed location of the wall of the potential dam. Another view of the proposed dam site with the George Washington National Forrest in the background.
Looking at the Lower Cove Run valley area that is the proposed location for dam site #16. Facing Lost City, WV looking from more secluded and peaceful fields. A wider picture of the Lower Cove Run valley area.  All this land would be lost to construction for dam site #16.
Watching a sunset from inside the proposed 50+ acre area where a lake would exsist. Beautiful scenery on a homeowners property that would be forever lost underwater. Facing northeast looking at homes that would be submerged in the planned lake.


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