J. Michael Teets & Donald W. Biller
See letter below signed by J. Michael Teets and Donald W. Biller. They continue to push forward for the dam that will take their own neighbors' homes and land. Moorefield Examiner May 9, 2007: "Some of the valley's largest landowners, including the Biller and Teets families, have been as resolved and persistent in their support [of the Lower Cove Dam]."

Pictured below is Donald W. Biller, a Potomac Valley Conservation District (PVCD) supervisor.  He is also the neighbor of those who could lose their homes and land if the Lower Cove Dam is built.  His property overlooks the proposed Lower Cove Dam site.  Scroll down the page to see his signature on letters, from 2004 and 1968, regarding his continued push for this project that will destroy the homes and lives of his neighbors.


See the letter below signed, by former Hardy County Commissioner J. Michael Teets and PVCD Vice-Chairmain Donald W. Biller, which shows their intent to push forward with Lost River Site #16 and to take the homes of innocent people who adamently fight against it.


This is an official letter sent by Donald W. Biller, on behalf of the Potomac Valley Conservation District, to local land owners regarding the creation of a dam/lake.

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